About me

In December 2016, I joined Agilent Technologies in the Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain organization.

In February 2016, I worked for the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstralt (PTB) in Berlin and for Bruker in Ettlingen. I took an active part to the research effort of the group of Metrology for magnetic nanoparticles (8.23) at the PTB and in the MPI team by Bruker.

In July 2011, I started as a Ph.D. student at the Institute of medical engineering at the University of Lübeck on the MAPIT project. We had to build the first rabbit-sized dynamic Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) field free line (FFL) scanner. I was responsible for the design, fabrication and fabrication sub-contracting of all the field generating coils of the scanner, as well as the related systems, as the cooling circuits and support. Furthermore, I have evaluated the level at which peripheral nerve stimulation may occurs for the patient in the scanner and the personal around it. I have also designed and evaluated the performances of a human sized FFL scanner.

In April 2011, I defended my master thesis entitled: Actuator for the steering of therapeutics magnetic micro carrier in the vascular network: pulsed gradient coils for pre-clinical tests. This presentation summarized my 2 years’ work in the laboratory of NanoRobotics of Prof. Martel on the MR-Sub project, aimed to design an actuator. During this period of time, I have defined the future usage of the actuator, according to state of the art chemoembolization treatment, I have confirmed this usage based on in-vivo measurement of physiological parameters of rabbit, I have also designed the actuator based on broadly recognized method used for MRI gradient coils and I finally build a simplified prototype to validate the new procedure I have developed.

In May 2009, I finished my master degree in Engineering in the mechanical and mechatronics fields. With two 6 month internship in robotics laboratories, I decided to continue my studies in this field. I stayed at the same lab as for my last internship: the Laboratory of NanoRobotics of Prof. Martel, in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

In February 2009, I’m definitively leaving my Engineering school, the Université de Belfort et Montbéliard, in Belfort, France, after 4 years and a half of studies and fantastic experiences with the student organization. To complete this 5 years program, I will have to do a last internship. After building and testing microrobots at the École Polytechnique Féderal de Lausanne, in Switzerland, in the laboratory of Prof. Clavel, under the supervision of Prof. Breguet, I’m going to Prof. Martel’s Nanorobotics lab to challenge my knowledge in mechatronics.